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Preparing to Use Babysitting Services for the First Time

Parenthood can be overwhelming, especially in the first few months. Going out without your child, even for a few hours, can seem like the last thing on your mind.

When you are ready, spending some uninterrupted time with your partner away from the house can be a nice boost to your relationship. It can give you renewed energy to dive back into parenthood. 


While we know not everyone has the luxury of family around to help babysit Evelyn Johnson are here to help! If you are preparing to use babysitting services for the first time, there are some things to keep in mind.

Preparing to Use Babysitting Services for the First Time

1. Ease into It

If you are nervous, make the first time you go out for a short time. Visit a restaurant around the corner from your house so you aren’t too far. The first time can be the hardest and it is important to leave your baby with people you trust. Our sitters are reliable and trustworthy. They have years of experience working with children and know the stress of leaving your baby with a caregiver. They are here to make it as smooth as possible.

2. Create an Emergency Contact List

Our babysitters are equipped with CPR and first aid training and will know the basics. We suggest going over emergency procedures to make you feel more comfortable. Be sure to let the babysitter know if you prefer a phone call in the case of an emergency. Let them know if you want to be notified if the baby isn’t sleeping, eating, or seems extra fussy. At Evelyn Johnson Babysitting we ask you to fill out our baby sitter checklist so that we have all these details on hand.

3. Communication

Once you’ve been able to find a babysitter, It is important to note how much contact you want during the night. If you desire the sitter will send an update every hour. It is important to disclose this before you leave.

4. Make Sure Your Baby Will Take a Bottle

Babies can seem to be hungrier when mom isn’t around. The moment you are about to leave is not the time to realise that your baby won’t take a bottle. Practice a bit before; allowing an easy transition for your babysitter.

If your baby is formula fed: leave instructions and demonstrate to your sitter how you prepare your bottles. If breastfed it is good to have more than your baby usually requires. This is in case your baby is overly fussy or missing mom that little bit extra.

5. Leave Instructions

Instructions are vital to making sure your sitter knows your routine. This includes house rules or what your child likes to eat.


All sitters have child care training and will take note of a rough idea of how your routine and household runs. We do recommend leaving detailed instructions for them to follow. If you leave instructions, it can give you peace of mind to enjoy your night out.

6. How to Sooth Your Child

Let your sitter know the tips and tricks to soothe and settle your baby. They might like a certain sleeping position, their favourite toy and a bottle to go to sleep with. These minor details are important to alleviate any stress on your child. While you might do certain things for your child as a six sense without knowing, your sitter won’t.

7. Let Go of Guilt

You deserve time away from the baby. Parenthood is amazing but it can also be hard. Your baby will be fine without you for a few hours so give yourself permission to have a good time. You can rest easy knowing our sitters have with police checks and working with children’s check. All our sitters have many years of experience working with children, some are even mothers themselves!


Don’t let finding a babysitter become a chore! When your using babysitting services for the first time contact our friendly team. Tell us how our Newcastle nanny services can help your family!

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