Emergency Babysitter

Are you looking to hire an emergency babysitter or temporary nanny?

An Emergency Nanny or Emergency Baby-sitter is a trustworthy, qualified and/or experienced Caregiver who has a background in childhood education.

What steps do you take to ensure your emergency carers are vetted with no criminal background?

The Emergency childcare worker has undergone a screening process and interviewing which include:

Background checks, working with children checks, reference checks and CPR and first aid training just like all carers employed by Evelyn Johnson Babysitting Services.

Our mandatory training includes infant care and safety hazard identification including choking prevention.

Emergency Babysitter

Your sitter is a live out nanny who provides reliable care and a high standard of home help to your family. Emergency Nannies and childminders can come to your house, Hotel or workplace to care for your children in the event of an emergency such as:


  • You or your partner have to attend Hospital (You can nanny share with other members of the family)

  • You have suddenly been called into work and have no care options available

  • You are pregnant and going into labour or booked in for a caesarean and need child care for your other child or newborn

  • You are ill and need an extra set of hands to assist you

  • You are not coping with the children and need a rest from parenting

  • You are exhausted and need a break to catch up on household chores (or your favourite television series)

  • You have urgent appointments you need to attend

  • Changing work schedule which affects the kids normal routine

  • You have hired another sitter but they are unavailable on your required date

  • You require temporary services when relocating


Your temporary babysitters will be able to complete all established routines that your household has in place including:

Babysitting Jobs:

  • Assist with feeding and toileting/nappy changes

  • Provide meal preparation and feeding assistance

  • Bathing and settling of children as required

  • Follow bedtime routines and avoids screen time during your night nanny services.

  • Age appropriate activities which encourage child development

  • Night nanny to stay up with infants whilst you catch up on sleep



  • Light housekeeping: Domestic workers who keep the children’s areas within the house tidy and assist with toilet training. We are unable to provide the full effects of a housekeeper.

  • Oversee children's chores and household duties.

  • Assist with pet care (definitely recommend involving children in this process)

Looking for a nanny?

Whether you have one child, a child with special needs or a set of siblings, we are the Nanny Agency you can trust to babysit your children. Every family is different, when you request a booking please be sure to advise if your children have after school activities or playdates they need to attend with one of our nurturing caregivers.

Contact 0423 097 289 when your kids can't be left home alone and we will fill your part time nanny job with the perfect match! Let us help you connect with punctual sitters that have childcare experience. Find a nanny perfect for your family.


Don’t let finding an emergency babysitter service in Newcastle be stressful! Contact our friendly team and let us know how our nanny services can help your family!

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