The Benefits of Pets for Children

During your child's adventures at Clarence Town they will be able to enjoy Hazels company!

A quiet and friendly cat who loves attention and being a part of the action. It does not take long for children to create a bond with Hazel who adores being a sidekick to little hero's adventures!

Hazel’s patient nature means she can withstand children and all the love they have to give! When she decides she has had enough of the party, Hazel goes MIA and you will find her curled up asleep…ready for round two in an hour or so!

Possibly described as a little spoilt, Miss Hazel is enjoying her golden years out in the country with her very loving mum and dad.

The Calming Effect of Cats

Says Aaron Katcher, M.D., emeritus professor of psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania,  “Because (humans) evolved solving problems about animals, animals have the power to entrain our attention. And when we are around animals, we become more joyous, communicative, expressive, and calm.”

A pet can bring your child joy and teach him a variety of important lessons. Here are 15 ways that we think children benefit from owning a domestic cat!

  • Responsibility

  • A Source of Joy During Difficult Times

  • An Understanding of the Circle of Life

  • Exercise

  • New Friends

  • Patience

  • A Lesson on Sharing 

  • Love

  • Lower Stress Levels

  • Companionship

  • A Lesson on Empathy

  • An Understanding of Cat Biology

  • Reduced Risk of Developing Allergies (American Humane Association)

  • Reduced Risk of Developing Asthma (American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology)

  • Entertainment


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