Long Term Babysitting

When You Can Leave Your Child for Long Term Babysitting

Hiring a long term nanny, babysitter or care giver is a huge decision and will impact your children’s lives.


Finding someone who is trustworthy, matches your family and has a connection with your children is important. We understand how stressful finding child care can be for the whole family.

You can start to leave your baby for long term babysitting much sooner than you expect. When you first get home from the hospital, you should wait a couple of weeks before you need to find a sitter or any long term babysitting. It helps to get into a regular routine.

Long Term Babysitting Services

Once your infant has begun to establish good feeding habits and starts to gain some weight you can leave them home alone with another person. You will need to make sure that your child can accept milk and a bottle from someone else before you leave them alone for an extended period of time. Babies will often establish a good routine within the first 8 weeks and your sitter will then have a clear idea of why your baby is fussing.


While it’s likely that a family member or close friends will care for  your baby the first few times you go out, you may not have this luxury and may need to hire babysitting services. Whether you choose to leave your child with a babysitter will be a matter of your personal situation and what you are comfortable with doing.

Long term babysitting allows the sitter to develop a positive relationship with the child which enables an easy transition for the babysitter for when mum and dad have to leave.


It is important for both the child and you as parents to be comfortable with your family’s sitter and babysitting service. A trusting relationship with your sitter gives you peace of mind knowing your children are in the hands of someone confident and capable of caring for your children’s needs.

One of the many benefits of leaving your child with a sitter or child care provider is social interaction. Your child may not have the opportunity to interact with many adults, so a baby sitter is the perfect place to start. Building a relationship Is not easy but your child will be exposed to age appropriate activities that encourage stimulation and involvement helping your child’s mind explore and learn. Whilst also encouraging confidence to build a relationship and trust.


Separation anxiety is also a big factor in why a long term baby sitter is recommended. Children often experience this from about 8 months of age and can peak at around 14-18 months. These anxieties are an important part of development but having a regular and consistent babysitter will help with these fears and routine. It is also important that you as the parent help your child through these.


Some things you can do is to make sure your child is distracted when you leave such as engaging them in an activity. Running away and not saying goodbye to your child often makes the situation worse for the children. Children are often more comforted when you let them know you’ll be back. A long term babysitter can assist greatly in this circumstance as they know your child’s routine and knows what gives them the most comfort.

As a babysitter the role is quite substantial in the eyes of a family. It is important that you research a sitter who fits your family and offers the same care for your children as they would their own.  The points mentioned above are the benefits of securing yourself a babysitter who works with your family and is flexible to your needs.


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