Babysitter Checklist For Parents

Have you ever left your children in the care of someone else and thought “what happens if they get sick, what if the power goes out or I forgot to tell the sitter my secret tactic for getting them to bed on time"

To assist with your peace of mind we encourage all parents to fill out our babysitter checklist to ensure that all relevant information is available whilst we provide the best care to your children.

Sharing information between parents and our caregivers is essential as nobody knows your children as well as you do!

An essential checklist for parents to prepare before your babysitter arrives!

Contact Details

Aside from a phone number for you and your partner, you may want to leave contact info for where you are headed, as well as a trusted family member or neighbour. 

Your overnight babysitter may not need these but it’s better to be safe than sorry. These details can be very helpful in an emergency.


Have clear instructions on what level of contact you would like during your night off from parenthood. Don't be frightened to ask your sitter to contact you for updates on your children. You may like to be informed of your children's behaviour or how they are settling into their bedtime routine.

Good communication will ensure that you can relax knowing that your children are in safe hands and kids love an opportunity to call you to say goodnight!

Know Your Babysitter

Our babysitters ability to make children feel safe and loved come from their experience within the child care industry or from firsthand experience with their own children. This insider edge guarantees their understanding of parents concerns for their children – after all they are your most precious asset.

Set Yourself Up for Successful Babysitting

At Evelyn Johnson Babysitting we do suggest allowing time before leaving to have a run through with your caregiver.

Get the kids involved and show them things like:

  • A tour of the house.

  • What teddy your children sleep with.

  • What does a normal day in the life of your family involve? Help the babysitter stick to your family routine as best they can.

All of our babysitters have a current WWC, police check and first aid certificate and come equipped with a first aid kit during each session. You can never underestimate the power of being prepared or the miracle effect of a carefully placed band-aid.


Have you ever forgotten to tell the babysitter something before you've left the house?

You're not alone! The sitters at Evelyn Johnson Babysitting are always adding to the checklist. Share with us what you've forgotten to mention in the past.

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