Fun and Simple Easter Craft for Kids!

Make your very own Easter bunny keepsakes this April!

A fun indoor project that keeps little hands crafting and out of trouble. Fun and involvement for the whole family.

Create the perfect DIY handmade gift and keepsake you will treasure forever!

These are the perfect way to keep track of your child's growth and a thoughtful Easter or ornament gift.

These bunny pictures are personalised and can be done on cards, cardboard, bags and much more! It is an exciting way to get your child involved in the gift giving at Easter this year!

Easter Bunny Hand print Craft for Kids

Arts and crafts are the perfect way for your children to learn and perfect those childhood skills like using scissors, stickers and glitter!

Fine Motor Skills: This is improved by getting their hands and fingers involved teaching them control and improves muscle strength.

Hand Eye coordination: The earlier the better! from a young age children are continuously developing their hand eye coordination. Art and craft is the perfect activity for children to learn daily!

Bilateral Coordination: This allows children the time to develop the use of two hands together while doing arts and crafts. Activities such as cutting paper, colouring or finger painting. This is a skill kids can use later on in life for tying shoes or even typing!

Self expression, confidence and Creativity: While we know sometimes kids like to make a mess its important for them to learn and express their confidence along the way. Kids need to have creativity to learn and grow. This often makes children more confident in being resourceful and versatile.

Kids Craft Supplies Needed:

  • Craft Paper or Gift Bag.

  • Poster Paint of your Choice.

  • Black Marker.

  • Paint Brushes.

  • Messy Mat.

  • Glue. (For added extras)

  • Willing participant to have their hands painted!


  1. Prepare your area, Put down your messy mat to prevent spills. Make sure you have all the craft supplies you need in one spot.

  2. Cut your paper or gift bag to size.

  3. Prepare the paints in trays for easy access. Make sure this is easy washable paint to prevent stains.

  4. prepare your paint brushes and rinsing water.

  5. Proceed by marking out where you want the bunny face to be placed on the sheet or bag.

  6. Place your hand or child hand (this will require assistance) into the paint and leave your fingers spaced apart leaving two on each side. this allows the bunnies ears to form.

  7. Once you have painted your bunnies leave until they are dry to touch.

  8. Add your accessories, This could be a bow or a hat in any colour paint you like! The world is your imagination.

  9. Optional: Glitter, pompoms, goggly eyes.

  10. Add the date or occasion on your creation. In years to come this will be remembered.

  11. Optional extra's: Adding carrots, little chick's, an extra easter bunny or any extra kids art they wish to add.

While we know you love to help your kids to create the "perfect" artwork the imperfections are what make them perfect. Your children in this experience are able to open their minds and use their imagination to create their own masterpiece. This activity can be done anywhere, daycare, preschool or at home with mom or dad.

The importance of self exploration through artistic means such as painting, finger-painting, drawing, sketching, colouring, and writing all have been proven to allow children to self express their emotions. Time to get those kids crafty!

Many health experts find information about a child within the drawings or artwork of that child, making creativity one of the most enlightening experiences of a child’s life.

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