Hacks To Make Lunch Exciting for Kids

We all know the dreaded lunch box when the kids come home from school. What didn't they eat today and potentially waste?

After testing this out on kids, we know children are more likely to eat their lunch if its exciting! Especially if they can show it off to their friends.

Here is what our sitters like to do to ensure lunchtime is exciting and inviting for your children!

These tips and tricks can be used throughout all meal times not just lunch.

Making meal times more inviting for your children encourages them to eat. Enjoy meal times as an experience not a hassle.

Most parents go into meal times dreading what their children won't eat but here is how to have a stress free dinner for you all!

Make Lunch Boxes Exciting for Kids


Encouraging children to help pack lunch is always a bonus. They can tell you their favourite shapes and what they might like packed for the day.

Using cookie cutters for your sandwiches and fruit will encourage the kids to look a little closer at the fruit and make the experience fun!

Use shapes such as stars, leaves or circles. These can be used in various fruits such as kiwi, banana, watermelon or vegetables such as cucumbers and carrots.


Adding colour to your lunch or meal time is easy! If your children aren't the biggest fan of fruits and vegetables that's okay.

We are able to put colour into most things! Coloured rice is often a big hit with kids.

Or even strawberry yoghurt (Fruits can be added to the yoghurt to add more nutrition while hiding them Shhhh!).


We often like to disguise fruits and vegetables in things like fried rice, smoothies or stir frys. Cutting these portions smaller will be harder to find for kids.

Sending them to school with spaghetti can also be nutritious. Spaghetti is a great way to hide vegetables such as carrot, onion or zucchini that your children may not like to eat alone.


Kids have an opinion on textures especially the ones they don't like.

Finding new and creative ways to add new textures to their diet can be challenging but worth the effort. Mix it up!

Try taking a food they like and puree it. They are more likely to eat something with a similar texture next time you serve it.

With a little creativity and a positive attitude you can have your kids eating veggies in no time! For more insights follow our babysitters on Facebook.

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