Are You Considering A Babysitter For Your Wedding Reception?

Thanks to their cheeky grins and sweet dance moves, children can make the best and most humorous wedding guests!

But what happens when the flower girls petal throwing duties are done? Or the ring bearer decides it's too much responsibility for one little guy?

That's where a service like Evelyn Johnson Babysitting comes to the rescue! We offer a wedding babysitter for your event.

You are able to put your mind at ease knowing your children are well cared for.

Babysitters are good at keeping little people safe, occupied, and under control during the reception. Having a babysitter can alleviate the stress on parents and keep the party going strong.

Choosing to include children at your reception is completely up to you. Although it’s a thoughtful touch for guests with children, it is not a mandatory or expected requirement.

A Babysitter for your wedding reception is not often thought about but trust us your guests will thank you!

Babysitter for weddings in Newcastle NSW

Here are some reasons you may want to hire a babysitter at your reception.

You have your own children

There is a high chance that your go-to babysitters (I’m looking at you – Grandma & Grandpa!) will be attending the reception. Although your own kids may play a big role in the wedding ceremony, having a sitter care for them towards the end of the night means you can relax and mingle with your adult guests.

Parents can let loose

Parents will appreciate being able to have a break from their little treasures. They can focus on the wedding celebrations and get some much-needed adult interaction. When a great babysitter is present, parents know that the children are safe and nearby.

Kids love weddings as much as you do

Let’s face it – weddings are fun! Children get to hang out with extended relatives and even make some new friends! Setting up a Kids Club gives children a chance to play in a safe space during the wedding reception.

Out of town guests are more likely to RSVP “yes”

Parents who have to travel for a wedding where the children are not able to attend are more likely to decline the invite. If you have interstate guests we are sure the parents will thank you for allowing them to keep the little ones nearby.

It looks fantastic

The amount of thought and effort that is put into the aesthetics of any wedding is unbelievable. A kids club filled with games and activities that compliment the theme is a great feature. Good luck keeping the adults out!

Weddings can be expensive and having a babysitter at your reception will come out of your budget. If you decide having a babysitter at your wedding reception is not for you consider the next best alternative. Connect parents with Evelyn Johnson Babysitting. Parents can make their own arrangements with a trusted sitter. Or go in as a group to save some coin on our wedding baby sitter rates!



Our Babysitting and Nanny Service provides friendly, responsible, caring and trustworthy babysitters that you and your kids will want to use time and time again! Our caregivers are available to you on call when you need them. Day and night, for before and after school care, on a casual or long term basis. We are here to support and care for your children around the clock!

How you can find a babysitter perfect for your wedding reception? Contact us today at Evelyn Johnson Babysitting!

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