Lake Macquarie Fun For The Whole Family

A day around the lake sounds amazing right?

But how do you keep the kids entertained and have a good day together?

Our babysitters around Lake Macquarie are here to make life easier while you relax! There are plenty of fun things for your sitter and the kids to do and see.

While we all need a break from our kids sometimes, these activities can be done with your babysitter or as fun for the whole family.

It allows your children to have a good day out while being cost effective for the family.

Activities can be expensive if you make them. Allowing your nanny or yourself to enjoy a day with your children can be free.

All you need is a positive attitude and these five activities to get you started!

5 Activities to do with kids in Lake Macquarie

Our top 5 activities to do with kids in Lake Macquarie:

1. A stroll by the lake

The kids need somewhere to take out their energy. Going for a walk around the famous walking track around the lake will help cure their boredom. Taking bikes, scooters or prams so the kids get to a part of the experience. The kids are able to have a look for things and even try their hands at rock skimming! It is a great way to get the kids enjoying their exercise with everyone.

2. Speers Point Park

Your babysitter also has the option of Speers Point Park. This park caters for kids of all ages and abilities. Allowing the children to play along with other kids and socialise for a great day out. It has options for lunch or you can pack your own! This location is a family friendly day out for all.

3. Staying Home

Our babysitters always cater to the families needs. If this is your first time with the sitter you may prefer for them to stay home with the kids to put your mind at ease. No problems!

The sitter can arrange an array of activities for the children.

Homework especially can be put down the bottom of the task list for some. However, we create a productive environment to encourage the children. Establishing a routine early on especially if the nanny is with your children daily can be vital. Offering open communication, and setting an example can lead to the kids having fun while completing their homework.

4. Market Day

Do you need your sitter or nanny to pickup a few extra fruit and veggies for your family? Why not get the kids involved and make the trip an exciting day out for the kids. Taking the kids to the grocery store can involve tantrums, meltdowns and a lot of extra stares. The markets or farmers markets allow your sitter to make getting groceries an adventure for all! The Toronto monthly markets or Lake Macquarie city farmers markets are on once a month. You can allow your sitter or nanny to make this a regular weekend activity.

5. Picnic Day

There are many locations in the lake Macquarie that enable you to enjoy a picnic with the whole family. Many are child friendly with lots of space for activities or parks!

Our favourite child friendly parks in Lake Macquarie are:

  • Speers Point Park

  • Rathmines Park

  • Dora Creek

  • Toronto Lions Park

  • Wyee point

Check them out yourself! These are just a few of the great locations your sitter can enjoy taking the kids.

Read more ideas at Evelyn Johnson Babysitting.

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