Newborn Babysitter Service

Do you have infant or newborn that requires care?

Unfortunately not every parent has family or friends nearby to assist them in their new parenting journey.

Putting any child in care for the first time can be a stressful experience for parents particularly when their child is a newborn.

Newborns are fragile, temperamental and require constant care and attention which is why providing childcare for a newborn that’s in your own family home is so appealing!

See our insights below and find yourself a reliable newborn babysitter service.

Helping new mothers (and fathers) when they need it most. Find a trusted babysitter for the care of your newborn.

Questions for you to ask a baby sitter

There are some important questions to ask your potential baby sitter before choosing "the one"

1. Are your immunisations up to date?

2. Have you had experience with small baby's and newborns before?

3. Do you have a first aid certificate and is it current?

These are three very important questions to ask any childminder prior to a babysitter interacting with your child. A newborn baby is an important piece to your family puzzle and it is important to find someone that you trust to care for your little ones needs.

Leaving a newborn with a babysitter

It is important to make sure that when you do leave your baby with a sitter that your baby is ready. Making sure your baby will accept a bottle of another person. Its great to start off with a bottle with mum or dad, then gradually other family members like grandma or an aunty. We offer a trial run session, this enables you to see how your baby connects with one of our sitters. You can take this time to yourself and run some errands or observe how your baby interacts with someone other than family.

Health and Safety

Just like a parent attending their first parenting class before their bundle of joy arrives, our dedicated professionals have undergone CPR training specific to caring for a newborn. This extra knowledge works alongside our experience working with children in the early childhood sector.

For the first few months of their lives, newborns immune systems have yet to mature. This is partially due to the fact that they have not yet been vaccinated to help their bodies fight off disease. Their bodies are also using a large amount of their energy to grow and develop their immune system.

During this time, they are susceptible to illness, and even something as simple as the common cold can cause a newborn to become quite ill. Not only are our nannies and babysitters in good health but they have had all shots required to be in the company of a young infant.

Loving personalities

We understand that after having a child your world is turned upside down, we want to help your recovery by providing temporary relief so you can have time to yourself or your partner without your newborn. We even provide care to newborns whilst you are home so you have a chance to catch up on sleep, relax and perhaps even have a long shower without the duties of parenthood calling you back to reality.

Evelyn Johnson Babysitting are loving, caring and sensible people who understand that this is a joyous but chaotic time in your life. Some days are easier than others and that is why we are here to help!

Our caregivers are available to you on call when you need them, day and night, for before and after school care, on a casual or long term basis. We are here to support and care for your children around the clock.


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