What Do I Tell Wedding Guests About The Babysitter Service?

So you have decided to extend the invite to children at your wedding and are providing your guests with the option of wedding event childcare?

That's fabulous and we are sure that your guests with children will be incredibly grateful!

Are you struggling to find the best way to tell your wedding guests about the babysitter you have on offer and how to confirm numbers?

See our top tips below on how to tell guests about the babysitter service.

Remember not everyone will take you up on the generous offer. They may opt to leave their kids with someone they know.

5 important tips and tricks to let your guest know about Evelyn Johnson Babysitting.

Here are 5 things we suggest you do

1. Add this information to your wedding invitations.

We suggest handwriting a personal note instead of printed cards to those with children. It is always troublesome as a guest when you are unsure if your children are invited and what activities there will be available to entertain them. Addressing the child by name and asking for the parents to confirm if they will be attending will be helpful in the planning process.

2. Contact the parents directly.

Chances are that you may be in regular contact with your guests that have children. So another option is to call the parents and let them know about the babysitter you have on offer. This way it will limit the confusion to whether or not children are invited to both the ceremony or reception.

3. Do your own research.

Make sure to check that your potential babysitter has the minimum requirements for caring for a child. They will need a current working with children check (WWC), police check and a few years of experience working with children! Its important to choose a sitter who works well for your family and is confident with your children.

4. Ask your wedding nanny or babysitter for a fact sheet.

If you have your own children you will understand the importance of having this information on hand. Ask your nanny or babysitter if they have a fact sheet available which details their qualifications or experience working with children. You can pass this onto your guests which may help them determine if they are comfortable leaving their children with the child care you provide.

5. Provide your guests with contact information.

Guests that opt to use the baby sitting service you have selected will be able to RSVP with ease however the last thing that you want to do when planning a wedding is to create more work for yourself. Another option is to provide your potential guests with the babysitters details to do their own research.


Our Babysitting and Nanny Service provides friendly, responsible, caring and trustworthy babysitters that you and your kids will want to use time and time again! Our caregivers are available to you on call when you need them, day and night, for before and after school care, on a casual or long term basis. We are here to support and care for your children around the clock!

Learn how you can find a babysitter perfect for your wedding ceremony and reception at Evelyn Johnson Babysitting.

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