What To Look For In A Babysitter In Newcastle

We asked local parents to respond to questions about their experiences with babysitters, including hiring, pay and more.

Whether you are looking to hire your first babysitter or if you are an experienced parent advertising for Newcastle Babysitting jobs.

These 9 helpful tips may help you with your child care search.

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1) Babysitter Rates

It is against the law for a babysitter to be paid less than minimum wage. Babysitter Services are not exempt from penalty rates or superannuation contributions.

Babysitting jobs in Newcastle are routinely posted on a number of websites and social media sites offering less than minimum wage. You will need to be aware of these standard requirements when you employ someone to care for your children.

2) Book Ahead of Schedule

Of course, there are occasions where booking a babysitter with short notice cannot be avoided. As a parent you will know that New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day and the School Holiday periods are a difficult time to arrange reliable childcare. We recommend that you book ahead of schedule to guarantee a Sitter on your required date.

Keep in mind that if you require a sitter on a Public Holiday you will have to pay the premium to have your child babysat.

3) Ensure a Backup Plan

Unfortunately, last minute cancellations, sickness and scheduling conflicts are sometimes unavoidable. It is a good idea to ensure that you employ a Babysitter Service in Newcastle that has a contingency plan in place, so you are never without care.

You may also choose to have two Sitters with experience in the childcare industry in your phone book for those occasions.

4) Put a Premium on a Childminders Experience

What is the biggest factor of why you decline a babysitting offer? The cost.

In the same vein, you will not be able to secure a qualified and experienced babysitter for the same price of the young girl who lives next door.

Hiring a Newcastle Babysitter with safety expertise, specifically CPR and First Aid training should be a high priority whilst shortlisting potential candidates. It does not hurt to ask questions about the caregiver’s child care training.

See what experience the sitters at Evelyn Johnson Babysitting have HERE.

5) Trust Is Essential

90 percent of parents we asked said that hiring a sitter was stressful because they were concerned about finding someone they trusted. Not only are you trusting the safety of your children with a stranger, you are trusting them to be inside your home.

Would it surprise you that very few asked for background checks of their potential caregivers? To help put your mind at ease we recommend that you either contact a reputable company that will verify the babysitter has a valid working with children check (WWC) and has completed a National Police Check with no disclosable court outcomes or call references that your candidate has passed on.

When you think of a nanny you will probably think of Mary Poppins. Although she was trustworthy, we do not recommend hiring someone to babysit your child without a thorough background check. It is important that all babysitting services you engage have completed an appropriate screening process.

6) Have You Considered a Group Booking?

We all know having someone with experience in the child care industry look after your children can be an expensive exercise. But have you considered saving money by going in with friends for a group booking.

What is involved with a group booking, you might ask? It’s when a babysitter cares for your children, as well as the child(ren) of your friends. The booking itself may cost more money for the care of multiple children however once you split the cost between friends you will pay less overall.

7) Childcare Ratios Still Apply

Although babysitting is not considered a formal style of childcare, for safety reasons we recommend a 1:4 babysitter: child ratio. This will depend on the needs and ages of the children, experience of the sitter and if a parent is onsite.

8) Reliability and Authority

Your babysitter needs to be a confident communicator to build a bond with your kids and keep them engaged. A nervous babysitter who isn't confident with kids will have a hard time communicating and connecting with your children. Often children will act out knowing your babysitter is not mum or dad so it is important to choose a sitter who is kind and friendly but can take charge.

9) Preparedness

Making sure your babysitter is prepared is such an important thing. Your kids get bored of the same toys and games at home so its a great way to start that bonding experience if your sitter is prepared. This can be a range of activities to suit your children's needs and ability. Your sitter will be able to plan age appropriate activities by asking simple questions about your child's interests.

Activities like these also help kids warm up to your babysitter and earn their trust. It enables the nanny to work together and settle in whilst you are gone.


Do you have a Newcastle Babysitting Job that needs to be filled with a qualified Babysitter or have you secured one recently, tell us about your experience!

You can have your very own child care and babysitting professional who caters to your growing needs as a family. We look after and care for newborns, toddlers, through to teenagers for after school care. If you are needing quality childcare in home, Evelyn Johnson Babysitting Newcastle will be able to assist you in making those important decisions.


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