Trial Runs and Long Term Babysitting Arrangements

Are you considering engaging a sitter long term? You're not alone!

Opting for a sitter or caregiver to care for your child inside the comfort of your own home has become a popular option among families who are not ready to make the jump to daycare.

Perhaps you are returning to work or you're expecting another child and need a helping hand. There are many benefits for having your child cared for in their own environment.

For infants and older children who thrive on routine it is a fantastic opportunity to keep this in motion as your family needs change.

For busy families, we take the hassle out of school pick up and drop off so you can spend more quality time with your children once you arrive home.

Our sitters have become experts in children's homework and work together to improve their understanding of each years school curriculum.

For long term arrangements we encourage you to consider a trial run with our trusted sitter for a minimum of 4 sessions which creates an opportunity for your child and our sitter to bond.

This allows the sitter to get to know your children and their interests like arts and crafts, play dough or colouring!

Loving Long term Nanny's and Babysitters to ensure your family is well cared for.

Your children being familiar with the sitter is also a good way to promote good behaviour when mum or dad aren't around! All of our babysitters have years of experience working with all ages of children, police check and working with children check, CPR and first aid training.

Having a long term babysitter can also put your mind at ease knowing they are familiar with your kids and their routine. Your kids get one on one care as well as being in a comfortable environment they are familiar with.

At the end of this trial period we ask you the following questions so that you are confident that we have found the right match for your family.

  • Does your child appear to be at ease with our sitter?

  • Does the sitter naturally bond with your child and make an effort to communicate with them?

  • Does the sitter instinctively play and interact with your children?

  • Does the sitter seem genuinely interested in your children?

  • Do your children appear relaxed and display a sense of enthusiasm for the sitter?

  • Do you feel comfortable and at ease around our sitter?

It takes time for our sitters to determine which activities your child responds to best. We take a flexible approach to learning whilst spending time and working with children to ensure they get the most out of the experience long term. Remember that young children learn through playing and our sitters have learnt to adapt to what works best for your child!

Each age poses a new challenge, as a parent you know this better than anyone. When we plan activities for your child we ask for the parents input so we can personalise a plan best suited to their interests.

All of our sitters hold strong family values - they are your neighbours, your family friend and your children’s biggest fan, just how it should be. If you need help finding a babysitter contact our lovely team today!



Our Babysitting and Nanny Service provides friendly, responsible, caring and trustworthy babysitters that you and your kids will want to use time and time again! Our caregivers are available to you on call when you need them, day and night, for before and after school care, on a casual or long term basis. We are here to support and care for your children around the clock!

Learn how you can find a nanny perfect for your family at Evelyn Johnson Baby-sitting.

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