What Is A Babysitter?

A babysitter is someone who cares for children on behalf of the child’s parents or guardians. Babysitters can care for children in multiple locations and are viewed more like a family member.

Generally babysitters care for one family of children at a time. Due to the flexible nature of babysitting it is possible to add more children last minute (hello girls night!)

Children cared for by a sitter get a lot of individual attention. They may not receive that attention in a daycare center.

An important note to remember is that a babysitter is not a child care educator. They are not required to have a formal education in early childhood.

In NSW everyone who works with children is required to have a WWC check and a first aid certificate is desirable.

Unlike childcare centers, babysitters can care for children when they are sick. The parents must be aware of the illness and have agreed to leave them in the sitters care.

What is a babysitter?

What does a baby sitter do?

We care for your children when you are at work, need time to yourself or just need some help from time to time!

We are a flexible service and can arrange flexible care or ongoing long term arrangements for your children. We organise activities suited to your child's ability and age. Arts and crafts are among most kids top favourites!

A babysitter has an open line of communication with parents. This means that the parents can be kept involved with the child's daily activities.

Parents can update the sitter freely if circumstances change. They can also opt to receive photos, so they are not missing any important milestones.

What does a babysitting agency charge?

Our services and prices have many factors. This will vary between the age of your children, how many children require care and the times you require our services.

You are able to request a quote online through our website that is tailor made for your family!

What is the difference between a nanny and a babysitter?

A baby sitter is a temporary relief for when your children need care. A babysitter will often cook prepare activities, cook dinner, bath time and light household duties.

A nanny is a long-term support system for your family and children. They often help with more household chores, homework, meal prep and are a big part of your family as a whole.

Overall because the sitter is viewed more like a member of the family. The children have an opportunity to create a positive bond and experience excursions that are not available with other childcare options.


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