Why choose Evelyn Johnson Babysitting Service Maitland NSW?

As a parent you only want the very best for your children. Being well informed is essential to making the right decision for your family.

We understand that quality care is invaluable and that’s why all our sitters are employed by us – we do not subcontract our work for babysitting jobs in Maitland!


Each of our sitters have a current WWC, police check, first aid certificate and experience working with children either in the childcare industry or a mother themselves.

Although all of these attributes are important, it is their fun loving nature that makes the care they provide effective.

Children are comfortable approaching our welcoming team and our sitters become positive role models for your very impressionable little people.

Find out why our trusted babysitters are qualified to care for your children!


We are professional babysitters who care for children every day, so you don’t need to worry about any challenging behaviours your children throw at us! They don’t call it the terrible twos, or threenager for nothing!

Our sitters not only have babysitting qualifications, but they are individuals with life experience. We are prepared for any unexpected situations that might come up while you are away, handling them in the most professional way.


All of our sitters have glowing references and have undergone our training and mentoring program before they sit on their own.

We encourage feedback from all families we’ve cared for. Whether it is a one off or a long term arrangement, it is important that we have an open line of communication and can continue to improve and build relationships with the children and families we care for.

Prepared for Child Friendly Fun

What is even more exciting than having someone bubbly and positive come to play with you? A childcare professional who arrives with arts and crafts and activities in tow.

In the eyes of a child, babysitting can be a scary new adventure. It is best to keep children engaged and distracted whilst mum and dad are away. The best way to do this is to provide activities they will love doing with their new friend!


Our sitters establish positive relationships with the children they care for and the parents who trust us. We are your Maitland Babysitting support network!

We are not a childcare centre so we have the ability to personalise our care specific to your child's developmental stage. This individual attention for your child helps to support their growing personalities!

If you would like to arrange a session with one of our reliable babysitters get in contact today!



Tell us why you would choose Evelyn Johnson Babysitting Maitland to care for your children?

We are here to support and care for your children around the clock! Contact our team.

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