Newcastle Babysitting services


Trust your children with the babysitters and nannies at Evelyn Johnson Babysitting Newcastle. 

Take the hassle out of finding reliable child care that won’t let you down!

Evelyn Johnson Babysitting is a small local babysitter and nanny agency. We are built to support family's with their child care needs.


Our professional and loving baby-sitters are passionate about caring for all children. They provide a safe environment that nurture little personalities.​

As a childcare provider we develop age appropriate activities for your children. Whether they are a newborn, toddler, school age children or teen!​ 

You have experienced babysitters and nannies at your fingertips. With the click of a button you can have your own personal nanny and babysitter in Newcastle.


Are you looking for a babysitter near you? We are a reliable babysitter and nanny service who provide care to family's. Are you in need of flexible quality child care services?

Our sitters have a passion for early childhood education. As well as an understanding of child development. We have casual babysitting and part time nanny roles.


We can suit every family's child care needs. Have your children cared for by an experienced childminder. We offer competitive hourly prices.

In a short period of time our sitters get to know your children. Kids will love being baby sat by our caregivers.

*We do not offer the following services. An au pair service, live in nanny service or full time nanny position where hours exceed 38h at this time. For advice on au pairs or nanny jobs please contact us. We may be able to assist you shortlist candidates and find a nanny that fits your family.


Evelyn Johnson Babysitting

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Redgum Drive

Clarence Town NSW 2321

PH: 0423 097 289

ABN: 80491608527